A Musical Delight at Moorhouse


Moorhouse Care Home recently experienced a heart-warming afternoon of music, thanks to the talented entertainer Vic Cracknell. As he played the keyboard and sang classic tunes, the atmosphere at Moorhouse became infused with joy and nostalgia.

Vic’s Performance:

Vic’s carefully selected repertoire took residents on a trip down memory lane. Classic songs filled the air, triggering smiles and fond recollections. The room soon transformed into a dance floor, with residents tapping their feet and swaying to the rhythm.

The Dance of Joy:

What made the day truly special was witnessing residents rising to dance or tapping their feet. The power of music became evident as the care home buzzed with the infectious energy of celebration.

Vic Cracknell brought his musical magic to Moorhouse Care Home, it was a delightful celebration of life, music, and community. Through his talent and warmth, he created an experience that transcended age, leaving behind cherished memories of a joyous day at Moorhouse.

Musical Delight | Moorhouse

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