April Activities at Engelberg


Springtime activities at Engelberg- April

As April draws to a close, we at Engelberg take a moment to reflect on the vibrant activities and moments of joy that have filled our days. From festive Easter celebrations to creative endeavours, our residents have been actively engaged.

Easter Bonnet Crafting Extravaganza: Easter, a time of renewal and celebration, was marked with special enthusiasm this year as our residents embarked on a delightful crafting day. With nimble fingers and hearts brimming with creativity, they set out to design and create Easter bonnets that sparkled with ingenuity and charm. Each bonnet was a unique masterpiece, reflecting the personality and flair of its creator. It was heartwarming to witness the joy and camaraderie that blossomed as they shared stories and laughter during this festive activity.

St. George’s Day Cupcake Decorating Party: In addition to our Easter festivities, our community came together to celebrate St. George’s Day with a delightful twist. Residents gathered to make and decorate cupcakes adorned with the iconic red cross, commemorating the patron saint of England in a deliciously sweet way. The air was filled with laughter and the aroma of freshly baked treats as everyone indulged in this festive activity.

Retro Rhythm Dance Performance: Adding to the lively atmosphere, we were treated to a captivating performance by Retro Rhythm, a dynamic dance group based in Solihull. Their energetic routines had our feet tapping and hands clapping in rhythm, bringing an infectious sense of fun to our home. The residents were thoroughly entertained, and the joyous energy of the performance left a lasting impression on all who attended. Watch the performance here!

Floral Beautification by Asda: Our beloved Engelberg community received a generous donation of exquisite flowers from our local Asda service station.  The sight of these blooms brings smiles to our faces and fills our hearts with gratitude. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our local service station for their continuous support and for helping us create moments of happiness and warmth within our home.

Community Outing and Café Delights: Venturing beyond the walls of our care home, our residents embarked on a delightful shopping trip, followed by a leisurely stop at the café for tea and cake. The outing provided a wonderful opportunity to explore the local community, indulge in some retail therapy, and savour delicious treats in the company of friends.

Love Symbols Art Project: Back at Engelberg, creativity continued to flourish as our residents engaged in a captivating art project. Armed with puzzle pieces and boundless imagination, they embarked on a journey to create symbols of love. It was a heartening reminder of the power of art to inspire connection and expression.

Throughout April, our residents immersed themselves in creativity, laughter, and shared experiences, enriching each day with moments of joy and connection. As we bid farewell to April and welcome the blossoming days of May, we carry with us the cherished memories of these beautiful moments, knowing that the spirit of creativity and joy will continue to thrive within the walls of Engelberg Care Home.

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