Ashberry Award’s 2023

Ashberry Healthcare Staff Awards: Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care

Congratulations to all the Ashberry Award winners at the 2023 awards ceremony; Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care. In the second year of our award ceremony, coinciding with the joyous celebration of Ashberry’s 20-year milestone, we are thrilled to mark a quadruple success with four ceremonies. On this momentous occasion, we extend our deepest gratitude for two decades of exceptional service and commitment, making these ceremonies a testament to the enduring spirit and collective achievements of our Ashberry community.

The ceremonies highlighted the remarkable contributions of caregivers, nurses, maintenance, and support staff. In its second year, these awards were presented by the senior management team; CEO-Nigel Denny, CFO- Gary Cottrell, and Operations Director- James Bradford. The Ashberry Awards were established to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work, commitment, and unwavering dedication of individuals who go above and beyond in providing excellent care to Ashberry residents. The awards serve as a platform to recognise and showcase the invaluable contributions of the healthcare professionals and support staff who make a significant impact on the lives of the elderly residents at Ashberry.

Ashberry Awards | Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care

Ashberry Awards | Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care

1: Community Champions

This is awarded to the individuals who have gone above and beyond to support the community.

Blaenos House Nursing Home

Eleanor Lewis.

Eleanor works very hard to ensure that the residents of Blaenos get the best care possible. For many years, Eleanor has been a part of the YFC (Young Farmers Club). Each year, they hold a Harvest Thanksgiving, resulting in a very kind donation of a fruit and vegetable hamper, donated to Blaenos House, due to the strong link Eleanor has crafted throughout the years.

Broomy Hill

Karon Hilsden.

Karon has always gone above and beyond her role with her support to the residents. Karon supports the local Badgers group and often takes our residents to join in their sessions. This has brought immense joy to the residents and allows them to be more involved in the local community. Karen also supports the St Johns Ambulance service cadets, attending their fundraisers and creating hampers to for the cadets. Recently, she has supported the Lollipops Nursery with their tombola so they could fundraise for a defibrillator for their nursery.

Holmer Court Care Home

Becky Webber James.

Becky has organised many events over the years, raising money for our residents and charities. In 2020, the team held a sponsored walk and raised over £2500 for Women’s Aid, in addition to supporting MacMillan, Alzheimer’s and Dementia UK.

Richard Jones

Richard is doing a walk, in aid of Alzheimer’s to show his dedication and passion to the residents at Holmer Court, helping raise awareness and funds for the charity.

Meadowview Care Home

Phil Hamilton.

Phill, outside of work, coaches the local girl’s football team and engages well with the local primary schools and involves them in the home’s activities. This involvement enhances the residents’ lives, allowing them to be more involved in the local community.

Moorhouse Nursing Home

Jo Wright.

Jo has consistently demonstrated kindness and strong support for the residents at Moorhouse. She goes above and beyond in her duties and actively contributes to the smooth operation of the home. Her dedication creates a positive and caring environment, ensuring the well-being and comfort of all the residents.

Phil Hamilton (left) Karon Hilsden (right)- Community Champion Award

Ashberry Awards | Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care

2: Outstanding Attendance Award.

The Outstanding Attendance Award recognised those achieving exceptional attendance levels:

Allt Y Mynydd

Fiona Jones, Rosanne Johnson and Teresa Barton

Blaenos House

Saskia Harries, Bogna Cyrankowska, Dorota Kolasa and Baljinder Swali.

Broomy Hill

Ewa Ploszczynska, Andrew Buchanon and Anna Mencwel

Holmer Court Care Home

Evelyn Jones and Sue Flynn

Meadowview Care Home

Wendy Burgess, Martine Maguire, Nicola Hamilton and Debbie Crabtree.

3: Ashberry Core Values Award.

The Ashberry Core Values Award, celebrated with the prestigious Gold Leaf trophy, is a heartfelt acknowledgement bestowed upon our dedicated employees at Ashberry. It is a warm recognition of their embodiment of Integrity, Compassion, and Loyalty. This award is a sincere expression of gratitude for their unwavering commitment to upholding ethical standards, providing compassionate care, and fostering a sense of loyalty to the core values of Ashberry. In honouring these exceptional individuals, we extend our deepest thanks for contributing to the culture of excellence and compassion that defines our care home.

Ashberry Awards | Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care

Senior management team: Gary Cottrell, Nigel Denny & James Bradford presenting the Ashberry Core Values Award.

Allt Y Mynydd

Lyn Jones

Lyn is a very dedicated team member, who goes above and beyond to support residents and ensure the service runs safely and effectively for the care home. She is very kind-hearted and built great relationships with the residents and their families. Her compassion, loyalty and integrity has shone through with her amazing work at Ashberry.

Blaenos House Nursing Home

Ellie Harries.

Ellie has truly blossomed over the last 12 months, working very hard to implement the Ashberry Core Values and to lead the team by example. Her true growth has shone through since she undertook her CHAPS training. Life is not always easy for a young mum but despite the challenges, she grows from strength to strength at Ashberry. She has worked hard to lead the team, providing the best care possible that puts the residents at the centre of our mission to deliver compassionate and personalised care.

Broomy Hill

Christine Adams

Christine has worked with Ashberry for over 22 years with a consistent positive attitude. She has always given 100% in all the roles she has had at Ashberry as Deputy Manager at Holmer Court and as a care assistant and team leader at Broomy Hill. She strives for the best for all the residents at Broomy and looks after the well-being of the team. She was nominated for the Palliative Care Award because of the amazing support she has given the residents and families.

Holmer Court Care Home

Bev Rock

Bev has certainly been a rock for Holmer Court as she has been employed at Ashberry for approximately 25 years! This demonstrates her loyalty and commitment to the Home and its residents.

Ashberry Awards | Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care. A big congratulations to all the Ashberry Staff Award winners at the 2023 ceremony. We celebrate Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care

Bev Rock- Core Values winner for Holmer Court Care Home

Meadowview Care Home

Debbie Crabtree.

Debbie has shown compassion with the way she goes above and beyond to enrich the residents’ lives, making their time at Meadowview as enjoyable as possible. Nothing is too much trouble for Debbie! She consistently treats others with kindness, fairness, and generosity of spirit.

Moorhouse Nursing Home

Dario Hernandez.

Dario delivers outstanding homemade meals and ensures they meet every resident’s dietary requirements. He takes the extra time and care to talk to the residents for their individual input and is happy to adapt to last-minute challenges in the kitchen.

Directors Award

The Director’s Award at Ashberry is an honour award recognising exemplary leadership and outstanding contributions in the field of Elderly Care Excellence. Given to individuals who go above and beyond, this prestigious accolade symbolises a commitment to exceptional service and embodies the core values of Ashberry. It serves as a source of inspiration for the entire community, encouraging a culture of excellence in the pursuit of compassionate and exemplary care for the elderly.

Evelyn Jones & Jeny Clarke

Ashberry Awards | Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care

Directors Award Trophy

Long-Term Dedication

At Ashberry, we want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for our exceptional staff members who have been with us for many years. These long-serving team members exemplify a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a steadfast dedication to the well-being of our residents. Their enduring loyalty fosters a sense of continuity and stability within the workplace, creating a supportive environment that directly translates into quality care for our residents. Ashberry Care Home understands that the longevity of its employees is not just a testament to their dedication but also a key factor in the continued success and excellence of the care provided to our residents.

Allt Y Mynydd Nursing Home

Agnieszka Kaczorowska- 15 years       June James-15 years     Sarah Stevenson- Taylor-10 years     Nia Thomas-5 years          Hazel Priddey-5 years     Fiona Jones-5 years     Martin Robinson-5 years Maria Beresford-5 years       Elaine Fernandez-5 years       Kayleigh Carmichael-3 years       Clare Jones-3 years       Monika Walaszak-3 years       Aleksandra Urbanska-3 years

Blaenos House Nursing Home

Janet Cordingley-10 years       Margaret Dawn Roderick- 5 years       Zoe-Ann Evans-3 years       Bogna Cyronkowska-3 years

Broomy Hill Nursing Home

Magdalena Waltrowska-15 years       Joan Worswick-10 years       Anna Kemeys-5 years       Merlinda Rush-5 years       Charlotte Over-3 years

Holmer Court Care Home

Charlie Hunt –10 years       Watcharee Harding –5 years       Sarah Querell –3 years       Richard Jones –3 years

Moorhouse Nursing Home

Ana Dias-25 years       Eurico Dias-25 years

Meadowview Care Home

Gaynor Buttress-15 years      Nicola Hamilton-10 years     Jennifer Clarke-10 years     Donna McNorton-5 years     Martine Maguire-5 years     Ashlea Unsworth-5 years     Cassie Weatherall-5 years     Richard Coe-3 years     Danielle Bevan-3 years     Michelle Morris-3 years     Bernadette Brown-3 years     Philip Hamilton-3 years

Ashberry Awards | Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care

Long Service Awards

Appreciation to Partners and Contributors

A big thank you to our generous partners for the lucky number prizes: Trusted Care for a TV at the Hereford ceremony, TwelveTwentyFive for a TV at Meadowview, Famileo for a £100 luxury hamper in Wales, The Plough for an overnight stay in a superior suite, Bel & the Dragon for an overnight stay with dinner, Oomph and Care Control for £150 each in shopping vouchers, and Radar for a £50 Betty hamper. Prizes were randomly awarded through a lucky number draw, with each employee receiving a designated number. Even for our night staff, recognition was not overlooked. The leadership team made sure to extend the gesture by delivering TVs to the winners at both Meadowview and Moorhouse during their shifts, ensuring that everyone had an equal chance to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Lastly, a special thank you to the two students, Lewis Sayce and Nadine Dunlop who photographed the Hereford ceremony, capturing the joy of the night.

In celebrating our outstanding staff, dedicated partners, and the spirit of community, Ashberry Healthcare remains committed to excellence, compassion, and the well-being of all. Here’s to the continued success of our extended Ashberry family!

Ashberry Awards | Honouring Excellence in Elderly Care


2 images of the top raffle prize; a TV.

Lucky Number prize winner – LG TV


image 1: raffle winner holding gift hamper. image 2: raffle winner holding large teddy bear.

Lucky Number Prizes

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