Meadowview’s Baking Club

We had a fabulous afternoon at Meadowview Care Home as our lovely residents gathered for our very first Baking Club!
Our head chef, the amazing Ash, joined in on the baking action, and together we whipped up some delectable Rock buns that were simply irresistible!
The laughter and joy in the kitchen were truly heartwarming as we reminisced about those cherished moments spent in our own kitchens at home.
Baking is a wonderful activity that stimulates cognitive skills, fosters social interaction, engages the senses, and provides therapeutic benefits. It aids reminiscence therapy and encourages creativity. It’s a versatile and enjoyable pastime with multiple physical, mental, and emotional benefits.
It’s moments like these that make our community feel like one big, happy family. We’re all about creating wonderful memories and bringing smiles to our residents’ faces.
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