Celebrating Easter Joy: Ashberry Care Homes


Easter, a time of renewal and celebration, is a cherished holiday for many around the world. At Ashberry Healthcare, this year’s Easter festivities brought joy and laughter to our Care Homes. Residents and staff came together for a series of delightful activities that filled the Homes with the spirit of Easter.

Baking Hot Cross Buns at Blaenos: The aroma of freshly baked hot cross buns filled the halls of Blaenos, (our Nursing Home in Carmarthenshire, Wales) as residents gathered in the kitchen to partake in a beloved Easter tradition. Under the guidance of our talented chefs, they kneaded dough, sprinkled spices, and shared stories of Easter memories past.

Bonnet Decorating: Across all our homes, residents showcased their creativity during our bonnet decorating event. With an array of colourful ribbons, flowers, and feathers, they transformed ordinary hats into stunning Easter masterpieces.

Easter-Themed Arts and Crafts: Artistic expression flourished as residents indulged in Easter-themed arts and crafts. From painting eggs to crafting paper bunnies, creativity knew no bounds. These activities provided not only a chance to unleash imagination but also a wonderful opportunity for residents to connect with one another.

Easter Bingo for a Good Cause: At Meadowview, our home in Warrington, the spirit of giving was alive and well as residents gathered for an Easter-themed bingo event. With each dab of the marker, they raised funds for our resident fund, supporting initiatives that enhance the quality of life within our community. The friendly competition and sense of camaraderie made this event a resounding success.

Ivy’s Hilarious Easter Surprise: Ivy, a beloved member of our Blaenos community, brought smiles to the faces of all who crossed her path with her delightful Easter antics. Dressed in her Easter best, she charmed residents and staff alike, spreading laughter and cheer wherever she went.

Good Friday Choir Session: The halls of Blaenos were filled with the uplifting melodies of a church choir on Good Friday. Residents and staff joined together in song, it was a lovely day.

Egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt at Holmer: No Easter celebration would be complete without an egg hunt, and Holmer (Our home in Hereford) did not disappoint. Residents eagerly searched high and low for hidden treasures. The thrill of the hunt brought out the childlike wonder in everyone, creating cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.


Through baking, crafting, singing, and laughter, residents and staff came together to create memories that will last a lifetime. We are grateful for the opportunity to share in these moments of love and togetherness, and we look forward to many more celebrations in the days ahead. Happy Easter from all of us at Ashberry Healthcare!

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