Famileo at Meadowview

We are excited to announce that our care homes have recently implemented the Famileo app, a remarkable communication platform enabling our residents to maintain meaningful connections with their families. Through this innovative app, residents and their friends and family can effortlessly share photographs and exchange heartwarming messages, bridging the physical distance and nurturing emotional bonds.
To share messages and photos, all you have to do is;
  • Get in touch with a member of staff to request a ‘family code’.
  • Download the free app or go to the Famileo website to create your profile using the code.
  • Upload and publish your photos and messages via the app.
  • Famileo will automatically create a ‘Gazette’ for us to print off and hand out to your loved one.

A special shout-out goes to Marjorie at Meadowview, who was thrilled to receive her very first edition of the gazette. She couldn’t wait to share all the fun and joyful moments she had with her lovely daughter. In a splendid celebration of the Coronation, Marjorie and her daughter took a memorable trip to the local garden centre, basking in the beauty of nature and creating priceless memories.

Download the Famileo app to start sharing photos and messages! Please speak to a member of staff, or send the activities team a message at meadowviewactivities@ashberry.net, if you’d like to sign up.

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