Embracing Joyful Living: Oomph

Embracing Joyful Living: Oomph! On-Demand Enhancing Everyday Life at Ashberry Care Homes

Embracing Joyful Living | Oomph Platform

At Ashberry Care Homes, we’ve found a secret ingredient to elevate the everyday lives of our residents – and it comes in the form of Oomph! On-Demand. This isn’t just a platform; it’s become a cherished companion for our residents, bringing joy, connection, and meaningful experiences into their daily routines.

Embracing Joyful Living | Oomph Platform

For Residents: A Personal Touch

What makes Oomph! On-demand special is its personal touch. Each resident is treated to a unique journey filled with activities tailored to their interests. It’s not just about activities; it’s about creating moments that enhance their quality of life.

From live exercise classes and relaxation sessions to special celebrations and virtual tours, Oomph! On-Demand opens doors to a world of engaging experiences. Whether it’s reminiscing through newspapers, exploring history, enjoying a comedy show, or taking a virtual tour across the globe – there’s something for everyone.

Residents have embraced walking clubs, dived into creative projects, and even discovered the joy of brain-stimulating activities. Oomph! On-Demand ensures that every resident has the chance to enjoy activities that resonate with them, fostering a sense of belonging and excitement.

Christmas Activities

The Christmas spirit was alive and well at one of Ashberry’s care homes, Blaenos House in Wales, thanks to Oomph’s delightful activities. Residents embraced the joy of the season by participating in the whimsical ‘What’s your elf name?’ activity, provided by Oomph’s online platform. The atmosphere was filled with laughter as Dottie discovered her inner ‘Glitter Fingers,’ Beryl transformed into the enchanting ‘Cheesy Shimmer Shaker,’ and David adopted the playful persona of ‘Crazy Cookie Cruncher.’ Oomph’s Christmas activities not only entertained but also created cherished moments, bringing smiles and festive cheer to our residents during this special time of the year.

Embracing Joyful Living | Oomph Platform

Blaenos Residents Elf Names


Our residents have enjoyed the holiday spirit with activities like carol sheets and crosswords, adding a festive touch to their days. The joyous melodies of carols and the mental stimulation of crosswords contribute to a well-rounded experience that caters to different preferences and interests.

Adding an extra layer of enrichment is the Daily Calendar feature, a delightful addition to our residents’ routines. This innovative feature not only provides a glimpse into historical events but also suggests relevant activities, creating a personalized and engaging experience. It’s a journey through time that seamlessly weaves together nostalgia and contemporary enjoyment.


The Impact on Wellbeing

For Residents:

  • Personalised Bliss: Activities tailored to individual interests.
  • Lift in Quality of Life: Diverse and stimulating experiences for overall enrichment.
  • Wellbeing Booster: Improved physical and emotional health through engaging activities.
  • Empowerment: Support for maintaining independence.
  • Connection with Loved Ones: Enhanced family and friend interactions through shared experiences.
  • Mind Workout: Brain-stimulating activities for cognitive health.
  • Breaking Isolation: Combatting feelings of loneliness through social connections.
  • Joy Over Anxiety: A positive environment reducing feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Social Harmony: Improved social interaction creating meaningful connections.
  • Physical Wellbeing: Enhanced balance and mobility through physical activities.

For Staff:

Our dedicated care teams have found in Oomph! On-Demand is not just a tool but a partner in enriching resident lives. It’s about creating more moments of connection and less time for planning. The platform offers:

  • More Meaningful Interactions: With streamlined planning, staff can focus on what truly matters – spending quality time with residents.
  • Guidance Every Step: The Wellbeing Content Calendar and toolkits provide expert guidance, making it easy to plan diverse and engaging activities.
  • Insights Into Wellbeing: Reporting tools offer a window into resident engagement, preferences, and overall well-being, allowing for personalized care.
  • A Constant Stream of Inspiration: The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures quick access to a wealth of ideas, bringing continuous interaction, fun, and laughter into our homes.
  • Learning and Growing: Instructional videos support staff in developing new skills, ensuring a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
  • A Hub for Resident Impact: The Residents Area allows care teams to track, plan, and witness the positive impact of activities on residents, from increased engagement to enhanced inclusion.

At Ashberry Care Homes, we’ve found a way to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with Oomph! On-Demand. Join us on this journey of joy, connection, and vibrant living. It’s more than just a platform; it’s a testament to the heart and soul of our community. Welcome to a home where every day is an opportunity to embrace joy and meaningful connections.

Embracing Joyful Living | Oomph Platform
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