Moorhouse Christmas Festivities

Merry Christmas from Moorhouse!

The Christmas season is in full swing at Moorhouse Care Home, where residents and staff have been immersed in a whirlwind of festivities that are bringing warmth and joy to every corner of the home. From decorating gingerbread biscuits to crafting heartfelt Christmas cards, the spirit of the season is alive and well at Moorhouse.

One of the highlights of the festive activities at Moorhouse has been the gingerbread decorating. Residents gathered in the communal area, surrounded by an array of colourful icing, sprinkles, and festive-shaped cookies.

Christmas Card Making: The joy of giving is a central theme at Moorhouse, and what better way to express it than through personalised Christmas cards? Residents have been busy creating beautiful and heartfelt cards, showcasing their creativity, and spreading love to their friends and family. The cards, adorned with glitter, festive drawings, and heartfelt messages, are a testament to the warmth and connection that the holiday season brings.

To ensure that the residents’ handcrafted Christmas cards reach their intended recipients, a special Moorhouse Post Box was set up in the communal area. Hand-decorated, the post box has become a central hub for spreading holiday cheer.

Moorhouse Care Home is embracing the holiday season with simple yet heartfelt activities that bring joy to all. From gingerbread decorating to crafting cards and communal celebrations, the care home has become a hub of festive spirit, creating lasting memories for residents and staff. This season, Moorhouse is not just a care home; it’s a community sharing in the warmth and joy of Christmas.

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Moorhouse Festivities

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