The Benefits of Residential Care for Your Loved One

Making the decision for your loved one to receive dedicated residential care can be a difficult one for all involved. While you may experience anxiety and guilt, and worry about the wellbeing of your loved one, the many benefits mean it is likely the right decision for everyone.

In this post, we are going to explore the benefits of residential care, including how it could impact your loved one as well as yourself, and how our friendly team of carers help to create a home away from home.

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What are the benefits of residential care?

When the time comes for your loved one to receive additional support, it is vital that you think about the benefits of residential care. This helps you to see that you have made the right decision for your loved one. Below are some of the benefits that mean residential care is likely the best thing for an elderly relative.

  1. It provides a safe and caring environment

Residential care homes have an experienced and dedicated team on hand around the clock, so no matter what your loved one needs, whatever the time of day it is, they will receive it. Many care home residents have dementia and other cognitive challenges, and care homes are designed to make it easy for them to make their way around and not accidentally find themselves lost or somewhere they are not familiar with.

  1. Home-cooked, tasty and nutritious food

When loved ones age, their ability to make well-balanced meals for themselves can become a challenge. Every day, care home residents sit down to three delicious, home-cooked meals prepared using fresh ingredients by an in-house team of chefs. 

For residents with additional needs, such as dysphagia or dietary requirements, accommodations will always be made.

  1. Companionship and opportunities to socialise

When living at home, your loved one may be lonely and lack companionship on a day-to-day basis. A residential care home is home to many like-minded people who share similar experiences, and your loved one is free to socialise whenever they like, which prevents any feelings of isolation.

  1. Regular activities and stimulation

Many care home providers, including ourselves at Ashberry Care Homes, have in-house activities coordinators who plan regular games, trips, exercise classes, clubs, crafts, visits from entertainers and more. This ensures that your loved one can continue to do what they love, what makes them happy and keeps them moving.

  1. Help with medication

Your loved one may need to take several different types of medication, at various times throughout the day. Trained care home staff can help your loved one with their medication and will meticulously track what they take and when they take it, so they never miss a dose.

  1. Maximum comfort and relaxation

Care home residents are welcome to live the life they want to lead. Whether they choose to spend time reading by a fire or enjoy some gardening, they are welcome to do so. Similarly, for some familiarity, they may wish to take part in a spot of cleaning or washing some dishes. Life in a care home is about encouraging residents to do whatever makes them happy and content and retain as much of their independence as possible.

  1. Peace of mind for you and others

Having the responsibility of caring for an elderly loved one is a lot of weight to carry on your shoulders. When a loved one moves into a care home, that weight can be lifted and you will have the peace of mind that they are being cared for by a trained, experienced and dedicated team of professionals that is always there for them.

Home from home – bringing home comforts with you

To help bring a feeling of familiarity with them when they move into a care home, your loved one is welcome to bring items of furniture and other personal belongings with them. This helps your loved one settle into their new surroundings and feel comfortable and relaxed.

How do we cater to your loved one’s individual needs?

Good residential care is about listening to every resident to make sure they each receive the care they want and need. This may be companionship, helping them with their hobbies or encouraging them to move a little more. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to care, and at Ashberry Care Homes we strive to make care personalised, and offer regular one-on-one support to every resident.

Try it for yourself with Day Care

To discover the many benefits of residential care for yourself, we offer an adult day care service, where your loved one spends the day with us. They will take part in any activities they like, sit down to delicious meals and afternoon tea, and get to know the home and existing residents. Whilst this helps familiarise them with what life is like in residential care, it can also help provide you with some respite.

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If your loved one would benefit from residential care, we are here to provide them with everything they need to live their life as comfortably and independently as possible.

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