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Supporting a loved one to live independently or alongside you can be rewarding, but
at times it can also be challenging. That’s why respite care can be vital, providing
your loved one with short-term care that allows you to have complete peace of mind
that they’ll receive the companionship and care they deserve.

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What is respite care?

Respite care is a short-term care solution that offers care in two different ways. Not
only will your loved one spend time in welcoming surroundings and receive
specialist care, but you can take a well-deserved break to rest and recoup from what
is a tough and tiring responsibility. Only when you are you are confident
that your loved one is being cared for can you truly unwind.

Here at Ashberry, your loved one will stay with us for a minimum of 14 days in respite
care. During this time, they’ll be invited to use all of the home’s facilities and take
part in activities available to long-term residents. It’s also an ideal way for you and
your loved one to have a trial stay and experience life with us before deciding to
make our home their home. To find out more about how we can help your loved
one with respite care, contact our team today.

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Who is respite care for?

Respite care offers both you and your loved one short-term support, which allows
you to take care of yourself while we take care of your loved one.

At Ashberry, we specialise in caring for residents with dementia, as well as providing
residential care, nursing care and end of life care. So, we are fully qualified and
experienced to ensure the service we provide is personalised not only to your loved
one’s needs and preferences, but also your own. Respite care for elderly, short-term
residents may focus on your loved one, but it also means you can relax
without having to worry about the quality of their care. It’s about you just as much as
it’s about them, to improve quality of life all around.

When is respite care needed?

Caring for an elderly loved one can be difficult, especially when we have so many
family, work and life commitments that also need our attention, allowing
yourself to take time to rest and recharge can be another challenge in
itself. Respite care can help overcome this barrier, thanks to the
confidence you have in the care your loved one receives.

Reasons you may want to consider respite care include:

● Stress, burnout and mental health concerns
● Physical injuries or flared ailments
● Holidays or work-related trips
● Emergency situations
● Special occasions or events
● Relief from caring for a loved one

Many of our residents use our respite care service as a trial period, to experience life
in one of our homes to see how they’d settle in. This transitionary period can be
useful for helping residents acclimatise to the changes involved, and we do
everything we can to help your loved one feel welcomed and part of our community.

Our approach to respite care

We welcome our short-term, respite residents through our doors just like we do our
long-term residents. Once settled in, we invite your loved one to take part in our
diverse range of activities, from baking and gardening to singing and quizzes. They’ll
enjoy three freshly prepared and delicious meals per day, as well as homemade
snacks and hot and cold drinks throughout the day.

The care our dedicated team provides is affordable, but also personalised and one on
one. We listen to the needs and preferences of every resident and strive to create a
warm, comfortable and inclusive environment. We’re here to provide a positive
impact on not just the lives of our residents, but you as well.

Our team of experts ranges from fully qualified carers to chefs,
cleaners, activities coordinators and more. Everything we do is with your loved one’s
care and comfort in mind.

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Respite care costs and fees

Respite care at Ashberry Care Homes has a minimum term of 14 days, which helps
your loved one to get settled and for you to truly recharge your batteries. See
below for fees related to each of our six care and nursing homes, which are charged
in full in advance.

Meadowview, Warrington – From £1033 per week
Moorhouse, Hindhead – From £1400 per week
Holmer Court, Hereford – From £995 per week
Broomy Hill, Hereford – From £1400 per week
Blaenos House, Llandovery – From £1051 per week
Allt Y Mynydd, West Wales – From £1285.60 per week

Respite care funding and support

We predominantly provide respite care for privately funded residents and their
families. If you or your loved one’s finances change, you may be
eligible for support in the form of a Third-Party Contribution, otherwise known as a
top-up fee.

For more information, speak to your local adult social care and referral team.

Enquire today about respite care

If you and your loved one need a break, our respite care team is here to help. Drop us
a message today for more information or to book a visit.

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