A Century of Joy: Dottie’s Remarkable 100th Birthday Celebration

On the third of December, we celebrated a truly remarkable milestone: the 100th birthday of one of our cherished residents, Dottie! She received a heartwarming letter from none other than King Charles and Queen Camilla, adding a royal touch to her special day. The letter served as a testament to the extraordinary life Dottie has led.

Dancing Through the Decades:

The birthday bash was a lively affair, with Dottie proving that age is just a number. She was still up and dancing to the tunes of Cliff Richard, a testament to her timeless spirit and zest for life. A visit from Robbie Lee brought a magical touch, as his melodious voice filled the air with joy and celebration. Dottie’s son and daughter-in-law, who orchestrated the magnificent celebration, expressed their gratitude to Ashberry’s Blaenos home where Dottie lives. Janice, Dottie’s daughter-in-law, shared, “It was a very emotional day” she shared, capturing the essence of the close-knit relationships formed within our care home. Dottie’s journey at Blaenos Care Home is a testament to our commitment to providing a nurturing environment that goes beyond care—it’s about building meaningful connections.


Born in 1923 in Halesowen, Dottie’s roots traced back to Aberystwyth, where her grandparents lived. Her journey through life took her to the Royal Air Force, where she served with dedication. Love found its way into her heart when she married Bernard, with their union lasting an incredible 68 years until Bernard’s passing in 2022.

For 44 years, Dottie called Cheltenham home, nurturing a beautiful garden that reflected her love for nature and the simple joys of life.

On Dottie’s 100th birthday, it became clear that this celebration was more than a milestone—it was a celebration of a life well-lived, a century of love, and the strong spirit of a remarkable woman. Here’s to Dottie, a living testament to the beauty that life holds, even after a century has passed. May the joy she radiates continue to inspire all who are fortunate enough to know her.

Dottie with her son John and her Husband, Bernard.


Young Dorothy- In the RAF

Thanks to Carmarthenshire’s article written by Alan Evans on the lovely lady which you can read here.

Diolch o galon i Newyddion Sir Gâr Ar-lein am ddal hud dathlu penblwydd Dottie yn 100 oed mewn erthygl hyfryd! 🎂✨
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🙏📸 Rydym yn ddiolchgar i gael cefnogaeth ein cymuned leol i rannu carreg filltir ryfeddol Dottie. 🎁 Rydym hefyd am fynegi ein diolch o waelod calon i bawb a ymunodd â ni i wneud dathliad canmlwyddiant Dottie yn wirioneddol ryfeddol. Roedd eich presenoldeb, eich dymuniadau da, a’ch chwerthin ar y cyd yn llenwi’r awyr ag awyrgylch o gariad ac undod.
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