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Transforming Blaenos House: The Impact of Dementia Murals on Resident Well-being



In the heart of our community at Blaenos House, we are committed to providing compassionate and innovative care for our residents living with dementia. Recognising the importance of creating an environment that fosters positive experiences and stimulates cognitive function, we have embarked on a transformative journey by incorporating dementia murals throughout the corridors of our care home.

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A Splash of Colour, a World of Memories

At Blaenos House, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with dementia, and we are always exploring creative ways to enhance their quality of life. Our recent initiative involves the integration of vibrant and meaningful dementia murals, strategically placed along the corridors of our facility. These murals are more than just decorations—they are windows to the past, catalysts for conversations, and tools for therapeutic engagement.

Art & Dementia

An article by Dementia and Imagination, has shown that the use of arts in healthcare has shown positive health outcomes, including reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and hospital stays. For patients with mental health issues, benefits include improved communication skills and self-esteem. In dementia care, three approaches involve observing and discussing art, creating art, or a combination of both. There is evidence of positive effects on well-being and cognitive capacities, both people with dementia and their carers often report benefits, such as improved quality of life.

Read the article here to learn more about the relationship between dementia and art.

Navigating with Ease, Finding Familiarity

Our dementia murals are more than aesthetically pleasing—they serve a functional purpose as well. By featuring recognisable scenes, these murals act as wayfinding aids, helping residents navigate our home with confidence and reducing instances of disorientation. This subtle yet effective approach contributes to a sense of familiarity and security.

The Therapeutic Touch

Art has an incredible power to heal, and we’ve witnessed the therapeutic benefits of our dementia murals firsthand. Residents actively participate in the creation process, engaging in art therapy sessions that promote self-expression and creative exploration. This not only enhances cognitive stimulation but also provides a joyful and fulfilling experience for our residents.

Strengthening Bonds and Fostering Community

The murals have become more than just decorative elements—they’ve become catalysts for social interaction. Residents and their families find joy in reminiscing about shared experiences prompted by the visuals on our walls. The murals have become a communal touchpoint, bringing people together and fostering a sense of belonging.

A Holistic Approach to Dementia Care

While our dementia murals play a significant role in enhancing the lives of our residents, we recognize that comprehensive dementia care involves a multi-faceted approach. Blaenos House remains dedicated to providing person-centred care, ongoing staff training, and maintaining a dementia-friendly physical environment to ensure the well-being of every individual under our roof.

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