Employee Spotlight | Zoe, Blaenos House

Employee Spotlight: Zoe, Administrator at Blaenos House 

Meet Zoe, a dedicated administrator at our care home, Blaenos House in Wales. From her roots in the casino finance industry to her impactful work arranging COVID testing for cancer patients, Zoe’s journey reflects her resilience and passion for making a difference.  

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming an administrator? 

Zoe: I didn’t start off in administrative roles initially. My career began in casino finance, where I spent many years travelling the world on cruise ships alongside my husband, who managed the casinos. After nearly two decades, we decided to retire and start a family. With a background in finance, I continued my career at HSBC for seven years, specialising in managing high-end bank accounts for affluent clients. However, when COVID-19 struck, the landscape changed drastically, leading to the redundancy of my department as banking operations shifted online. Additionally, during this time, I faced a personal battle with breast cancer, prompting me to reassess my priorities and seek opportunities where I could make a meaningful difference. This led me to a role with the NHS, arranging COVID testing and blood work for cancer patients, a cause close to my heart. Following this, I came across an opportunity in the care industry, combining my experiences from the cruise ships and my newfound passion for making a difference in healthcare. My journey brought me here, where I can contribute my skills and experience to enrich the lives of others.

What are you particularly passionate about? 

Zoe: I’m passionate about creating positive environments for our residents. One project I’m particularly proud of is being involved in the transformation of our corridors into vibrant spaces with the dementia murals. Seeing residents enjoying these areas brings me immense joy. I have taken part in various fundraisers for the Alzheimer’s Society charity, including a 27-mile sponsored walk, hosting a blackjack tournament with my husband, and numerous savoury bake sales, raising close to £5k for the charity.

(It is important to add that Zoe is a very talented baker- coming second place in the home’s very own bake-off!)

What does your typical day look like as an admin? 

Zoe: When I start my day, the first thing I do is make sure our team is all set for the day ahead by checking in with our care control system. After that, I tackle any financial tasks, sorting through bank transactions. The rest of my day can go in any direction, from managing schedules to handling whatever comes my way. It’s never the same routine, which keeps things interesting. The beginning of the month is usually a bit crazy with payroll and invoicing, but we always manage to get through it. 

What challenges do you face, and how do you overcome them in this role? 

Zoe: Remote communication can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing finances for remote residents. However, our team’s excellent communication and collaboration help overcome these obstacles. 

What aspect of your job do most people not realise you’re involved in but find fulfilling? 

Zoe: Many might not realise the extent of my involvement in financial procedures and problem-solving. My background in the casino industry equipped me with a keen eye for identifying gaps and implementing solutions, which I find incredibly fulfilling. 

What do you hope to achieve or contribute to the care home in the long term, both professionally and personally? 

Zoe: I’d love to see the dementia corridor completed. And see the difference it makes. Then I’d like to see what else can be done to make it a real special place for our residents. I see them 5 days a week and know them well, they’re like family. And on a professional level, obviously, I’d like to continue doing what I’m doing because I love this job. I love all the different elements to it, it’s very interesting. And I’d potentially like to utilise my financial skill set more. 

What advice would you give someone considering a career in healthcare administration, particularly in the context of care homes? 

Zoe: Approach the role with an open mind and readiness to embrace various tasks. It’s not just answering the phone and typing minutes or whatever. As a unit, your job changes daily, doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things. That’s what keeps it interesting.

Zoe’s unwavering commitment to her role as an administrator shines through in her dedication to providing exceptional support and care. Her positive impact on our operations and the well-being of our residents truly makes her an invaluable member of our team. We are grateful for her here at Blaenos House, and we eagerly anticipate her continued contributions to enhancing the administrative functions and enriching the lives of those we care for. 

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