Employee Spotlight-Amy Clay’s journey as Day Care Manager

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Amy Clay’s journey as Day care Manager

At Ashberry’s Broomy Hill, there’s a shining star whose dedication and passion have created ripples of positive change. Meet Amy Clay, a remarkable individual whose journey from an administrative role to the heart of caregiving exemplifies the power of determination and compassion.

Amy Clay started her journey at Ashberry Broomy Hill Nursing Home three years ago, bringing her administrative skills and warm demeanour to the forefront. Her hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed, and in May of this year, she achieved a well-deserved promotion to become the Day care Manager.

What makes Amy’s story truly inspiring is her commitment to personal growth. While working at Ashberry, she pursued a degree in Health and Social Care at university. This commitment to education showcases Amy’s drive to enhance her skills and contribute meaningfully to the field she is passionate about.

Passion for Mental Health:

Amy’s heart beats for mental health advocacy. In a world that sometimes overlooks the importance of mental well-being, Amy has made it her mission to spread awareness and support. Her empathetic nature and genuine concern for others make her a beacon of hope for those struggling with their mental health.

From Amy:

“My passion lies in supporting others and creating a positive impact on their lives. Witnessing the lack of support for individuals with long-term health conditions and social isolation, I was motivated to join this industry. I’m dedicated to fostering positive relationships within our community and providing much-needed respite for family carers. Together, we are transforming lives and helping others embark on new chapters with care and compassion.”- Amy Clay

Breinton Road Day Care:

In June, Amy achieved a milestone that not only reflects her dedication but also addresses a pressing need in the community. She aided in the launch of Breinton Road Day Care, a haven for both the elderly and their caregivers. The day care provides essential respite for caregivers, allowing them to recharge while their loved ones are in a safe and caring environment.

Promoting Well-Being:

Breinton Road Day Care is more than just a facility; it’s a testament to Amy’s vision for a community that values mental well-being. The day care promotes social interactions among the elderly, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Additionally, activities are designed to enhance cognitive abilities, creating an environment that nurtures both the body and the mind.

Inclusive and Friendly:

One of Amy’s key principles is inclusivity. Breinton Road Day Care welcomes everyone, regardless of their background or abilities. Amy believes that everyone deserves a space where they can feel valued and supported, and she has helped create just that.

Activities That Enrich the Soul:

The daycare is not just a place; it’s an experience. There is a range of activities, from scenic outings to the beach to engaging arts and crafts sessions. Entertainers grace the space, bringing joy and laughter to those in attendance. In a heartwarming gesture, the day care regularly visits the First Light Trust, a charity supporting veterans, to share comforting moments over coffee, tea, and cake.

Transformative Outings:

Breinton Road Day Care doesn’t just confine its activities to the facility. Amy believes in the power of exploration and has organized outings that not only entertain but also stimulate cognitive abilities. By partnering with the First Light Trust, the day care extends its reach to support those who have served their country.

Beloved by All:

Amy’s kindness and warmth have endeared her to everyone she encounters. Whether it’s her colleagues at Ashberry or the individuals and families benefiting from Breinton Road Day Care, Amy’s positive impact is undeniable. Her genuine care and concern create an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Amy Clay’s journey from an administrative role to the helm of Breinton Road Day Care is a testament to the transformative power of passion, hard work, and a kind heart. Her commitment to mental health advocacy and the well-being of others has not only enriched the lives of those around her but has also set a shining example for the entire community. We thank Amy for her outstanding achievements and look forward to witnessing the continued positive impact she will undoubtedly make in the future.

Employee Spotlight: Amy Clay’s journey as Day Care Manager


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