Employee Spotlight- Wellbeing Coordinator

Employee Spotlight: Phil, Wellbeing Coordinator and Gardener at Meadowview Care Home

Meet Phil: The Heart and Soul of Meadowview

At Meadowview Care Home, we believe in creating a vibrant and engaging environment for our residents, and no one embodies this mission better than Phil, our part Wellbeing Coordinator and Gardener. With over four years of service, Phil has become a cornerstone of our community, bringing joy and vitality to our residents’ daily lives.

A Journey of Dedication

Phil started his journey at Meadowview in the activities department, where he quickly became known for his creativity and enthusiasm. His role expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he took on the crucial task of testing and continued to support activities. Today, he splits his time between organising engaging activities and maintaining our gardens.

A Typical Day with Phil

Phil’s day begins at 9 AM with a warm greeting to each resident, fostering a personal connection that sets the tone for the day. He assists with morning routines, including helping residents with their meals, which allows him to engage in one-on-one conversations. Mid-morning, Phil leads various activities such as morning exercises, quizzes, and the much-loved karaoke sessions- which he calls “Phil’s Power Hour”. “My favourite part is the music,” Phil shares. “It’s amazing to see everyone, regardless of their abilities, come together and enjoy the songs.”

Music, Laughter, and Connection

With a background in activities, Phil understands the importance of keeping the mind and body active. He tailors his programs to suit the varying abilities of our residents, particularly those with dementia. “If residents are not engaging, they become bored and unstimulated,” Phil explains. “That’s when we need to get them involved, whether it’s through music, chatting, or light physical activities. It’s vital for their overall well-being.”

Phil’s efforts go beyond the standard activities. He knows each resident on a personal level, understanding their likes, dislikes, and favourite hobbies. This personalised approach helps bring a sense of normality and joy to their lives. “I love seeing them smile and hearing their stories. It makes my day when I can make them happy.”

Green Thumbs and Growing Joy

In addition to his role as a Wellbeing Coordinator, Phil is also our gardener. Last year, he set up a gardening club, transforming an overgrown area into a vibrant space with strawberries, tomatoes, and cucumbers. “The residents love getting their hands dirty and watering the plants. It’s a wonderful way for them to connect with nature and each other.”

football coachCommunity and Connection

Phil also emphasises the importance of community involvement. Regular visits from the local school, churches, and even pet therapy sessions bring an extra layer of joy and engagement to Meadowview. “It’s wonderful to see the residents light up when kids visit or when they get to interact with animals. These moments are precious.”

Passion Beyond Work

Outside of Meadowview, Phil is a passionate football coach for children, including his daughter. This role not only highlights his dedication to fostering growth and joy but also mirrors his commitment to making a positive impact in every aspect of his life.

Words of Wisdom

For those considering a career in this field, Phil offers heartfelt advice: “You’ve got to be kind and caring. You need to have your heart in it and genuinely want the best for the residents. Treat them like your family.”

Thank you, Phil, for making Meadowview Care Home a place where smiles and laughter brighten each day.

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