Engelberg Resident’s Unforgettable Day at Molineux Stadium

A Lifelong Wolves Fan’s Unforgettable Day at Molineux

At Ashberry, we take pride in making dreams come true for our cherished residents. Recently, we had the honour of fulfilling a lifelong wish for Maureen, one of our residents at Engelberg Care Home in Wolverhampton, who has passionately supported Wolves FC for over 50 years. Accompanied by our Wellbeing Coordinator, Karyn, Maureen finally experienced a guided tour of the iconic Molineux Stadium.

A Lifelong Love Affair with Wolves

Maureen’s love for Wolves began more than five decades ago, and her dedication has never wavered. She has followed the team through triumphs and tribulations, celebrating victories and enduring defeats with equal passion. Despite her unwavering support, Maureen had never toured Molineux Stadium—until now. On a sunny afternoon, wearing her Wolves old gold scarf, Maureen’s excitement was visible as she arrived at the stadium.

A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Molineux

The day began in the media room, where Maureen and Karyn got a glimpse of where all the bustling activity behind the scenes happens on match days.

Next, they visited a room filled with Wolves memorabilia. Maureen’s eyes lit up as she spotted familiar faces and iconic moments from the club’s storied past. The highlight was finding the brick she had bought to support the stadium’s renovation, inscribed with “Life Long Fan”—a tangible testament to her decades of loyalty. The brick was purchased by Maureen in the early 2000’s in support of the renovations done at the time. It was a very special moment seeing her name as a piece of the stadium.

The tour continued to the changing rooms. The stark contrast between the plush home team’s facilities and the bare basics provided for visiting teams brought a chuckle to Maureen and Karyn.

Stepping close to the pitch, said to be one of the best in the country, was another highlight. The tour also included a visit to a private box, offering a luxurious vantage point and an array of food and drinks.

A Day to Remember

As the tour ended, Maureen and Karyn reflected on the incredible history and legacy of Wolves. They had learned so much about the club and its home, and Maureen’s joy was evident. The sunny weather only added to the perfection of the day, making it an experience Maureen would never forget.

“We learned so much about the history of Wolves and the stadium. We saw the private box where you can overlook the match in comfort with all the drinks and food. We saw the media room and got close to the pitch, which is ranked one of the best in the country. We also laughed at the bare basics provided in the visiting teams’ changing rooms.”

“What a super day and splendid weather. Very blessed.”

At Engelberg Care Home, moments like these are what we strive for. Making Maureen’s dream come true was a privilege and a reminder of the joy that small gestures can bring. Her excitement was contagious, and we are honoured to have been part of this special day.

“Being part of Maureen’s journey at Molineux Stadium was incredibly special. Witnessing her joy and connection with Wolves’ history made today unforgettable for both of us,” said Karyn, Engelberg Wellbeing Coordinator.

A Tribute to Maureen’s Passion

Maureen’s day at Molineux was not just a tour; it was a heartfelt celebration of her unwavering support for Wolves. We look forward to creating more unforgettable experiences for our residents, ensuring their lives are filled with joy and fulfilment.

Here’s to Maureen, her lifelong love for Wolves FC, and many more years of cheering for her beloved team!

About Engelberg:

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