Employee Spotlight- Karon Hilsden

Karon: The Heart and Soul of Breinton Road Elderly Day Care

Meet Karon, activities coordinator at Breinton Elderly Day Care.

Meet Karon, activities coordinator at Breinton Elderly Day Care. She has rightfully earned the title of the “Queen of Quizzes.” Karon’s infectious energy and dedication have transformed the daycare experience for both staff and residents, making her an integral part of the community.

At Breinton Day Care, laughter is a common sound, especially when Karon takes centre stage with her quizzes. Fondly compared to Anne Robinson, Karon’s quizzes are not just a source of entertainment but a testament to her creativity and ability to bring joy to everyone around her.

What sets Karon apart is her exceptional thoughtfulness and personable nature. She engages with each person at the daycare on a personal level, creating a warm and welcoming environment. Her genuine connection with the residents goes beyond the call of duty, making her a beloved figure among the community.

Crafty Creations and Exciting Ideas:

Karon’s creativity knows no bounds. As a super crafty individual, she constantly comes up with exciting new ideas to keep the activities at the daycare fresh and engaging. Whether it’s arts and crafts or innovative games, Karon’s touch adds a special flair to every event.

Karon’s commitment extends beyond the walls of the daycare centre. She actively supports local initiatives, such as the Badgers group, where she took residents to participate in sessions. Witnessing the joy on the residents’ faces as they interacted with the children was a testament to Karon’s dedication to creating memorable experiences.

Supporting the Community:

Karon is not only the heart of Breinton Elderly Day Care but also a pillar of support for various local organizations. She lends her time and efforts to the St John Ambulance Service Cadets, attending fundraisers and creating hampers for their camps and training sessions. Recently, she played a crucial role in helping Lollipops Nursery fundraise for a defibrillator, showcasing her commitment to community well-being.

The First Light Trust:

A Cause Close to Her Heart: One of Karon’s ongoing endeavours is supporting The First Light Trust, a charity dedicated to helping local veterans. Currently working towards a fundraiser, Karon aims to contribute to the purchase of new tables and chairs for the hub, ensuring that the organization can continue providing essential services to the community.

In the bustling world of Breinton Elderly Day Care, Karon stands out as a beacon of positivity, creativity, and community spirit. Her multifaceted role goes beyond organizing activities; she is a friend, a supporter, and a driving force for the well-being of everyone she encounters. Karon truly embodies the spirit of community care, making her an invaluable asset to Breinton and an inspiration to us all.

Meet Karon activities coordinator at Breinton Elderly Day Care.

Karon Hilsden and Amy Clay (left), Karon Hilsden & CEO Nigel Denny (right)

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