The Purr-fect Companions

We had purr-fectly wonderful visitors the other day at Holmer Court.
Cats for Comfort is a heartwarming service that brought furry friends to our residents, spreading happiness and warmth all around.
Studies have shown that the presence of cats can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, while also promoting feelings of joy and companionship.
Our residents’ faces lit up with smiles as they pet, played, and cuddled with these charming felines. Not only did our furry visitors offer comfort, but they also created unforgettable memories and helped create a homely environment.
We believe in providing the best care possible, and the inclusion of “Cats for Comfort” aligns perfectly with our commitment to our residents’ well-being.
A huge thank you to “Cats for Comfort” for partnering with us on this incredible journey of spreading joy and creating unforgettable moments.
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