The Happiness Programme: For Dementia

Spreading Smiles: The Joyful Impact of the Happiness Programme

At Blaenos House, we take pride in offering not just care but experiences that light up the lives of our residents. Central to our mission is the implementation of innovative programs like the Happiness Programme, designed to infuse joy and fun into the daily lives of those we care for. Let’s dive into the heartwarming stories and delightful moments that have emerged from our adoption of this interactive projector.


Bringing Fun and Laughter to Every Corner

The Happiness Programme isn’t just about care; it’s about creating moments of joy and laughter. From lively game nights to immersive storytelling sessions, our residents are treated to a world of entertainment and excitement. With the help of the interactive projector, we transform ordinary spaces into vibrant hubs of fun where residents can let loose, have fun and socialise. Best of all, the lightweight and mobile projector allows us to use this tool wherever in the home, meaning our immobile residents can use it from their beds.

A Glimpse into Social-Ability

Behind the scenes of the Happiness Programme is Social-Ability, a company dedicated to revolutionising elderly care through innovative solutions. Their commitment to enhancing the well-being of seniors aligns perfectly with our own values, making them the ideal partner in our mission to spread smiles and create lasting memories for our residents.

Unforgettable Moments of Connection

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the Happiness Programme is the way it brings people together across generations. Recently, at Blaenos House, we had the pleasure of hosting a young visitor who joined our residents for an afternoon of play and laughter. As they explored the various games and activities offered by the programme, it was truly heartening to see the bonds forming between young and old, bridging the generation gap and creating memories that will last.

Celebrating Individuality and Choice

We understand that fun looks different for everyone. That’s why the Happiness Programme is all about celebrating individuality and choice. Whether residents prefer competitive games or quiet moments of relaxation, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With a diverse range of activities and experiences to choose from, residents are empowered to take charge of their own happiness and engage in the things that bring them the most joy.


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