Moving into a nursing home: a guide for families

The decision to move a loved one into a nursing home can be a difficult one, but can improve the quality of care your loved one receives as well as improve the quality of life for everyone affected. 

Even though you are doing it for the right reasons, when it comes to moving day, it can be challenging and stressful. Thankfully, there are ways to make moving into a care home easier for both you and your loved one.

Below, we have put together a guide for families who have a relative moving into a nursing home, featuring advice and tips for every step of the process.

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Preparing your loved one for the move

Ahead of the move, there are ways you can prepare your loved one so they know more about what to expect.

Consider adult day care

To introduce your loved one to the nursing home, consider utilising adult day care services. This allows your loved one to meet nursing home staff and get to know the residents, which helps them feel comfortable and familiarise themselves with the home.

Think about potential problems

You are in the best position to spot potential problems, so try to come up with solutions before issues arise. Preventing upset and conflict will make the move go more smoothly.

Communicate with your loved one

Openness and honesty are key, so make sure you talk to your loved one about what is happening. Avoid keeping secrets or treating the move as a surprise, which can lead to confusion and frustration.

Ask nursing home staff for help

Nursing home staff are always available, so ask them questions or for help if you are not sure. Staff are trained and experienced, so do not be afraid to lean on them for assistance.

Moving day – what you need to know 

Before moving day, ensure you have everything prepared so the day itself is as stress-free as possible. This includes helping them pack their clothes and personal possessions a couple of days in advance to minimise last-minute jitters.

Let the nursing home team know what time you intend to arrive, and ask a member of staff they have previously met to greet them. Anything you can do to keep things friendly, calm and familiar is important.

While your loved one speaks to staff and introduces themselves to other residents, take the time to get their room ready. This includes packing their clothes away and arranging their furniture and belongings so it looks welcoming and homely. We also recommend that you leave while your loved one is busy, such as eating or talking, which can prevent unnecessary stress.

Speak to the nursing home team for any other advice on how moving day can be as painless as possible.

How you can help your loved one settle into care

To help your loved one settle into nursing care, adult day care introduces them to the home, as well as the staff and residents. It gives them the opportunity to get used to what life in a nursing home is like, which makes the move itself less stressful.

After moving day, try to resist visiting your loved one at the home if possible. This helps them get used to their new routines, which can be disrupted if they think you have come to take them home.

Many homes organise relatives and residents meetings, which offers you and your loved one the chance to give feedback and suggestions and make positive changes, so attend these if you can.

How we help your loved one settle in

At Ashberry Care Homes, we have a team of dedicated and experienced nursing staff who offer personalised, one-on-one care. We listen to each of our residents to provide them with everything they need so they feel comfortable, calm and settled. Whether it is the activities they enjoy taking part in or their favourite snacks, we do everything we can so your loved one maintains the life they want to live.

Moving into care checklist

There is plenty to keep on top of before your loved one moves into a nursing home. To do this, prepare a checklist so nothing is overlooked. This includes:

  • Clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Toiletries
  • Medication
  • Personal items such as photographs and ornaments
  • Furniture (check with care home staff with regards to space in their room)
  • Electronics
  • Soft furnishings like blankets or cushions
  • Books, hobby items and games

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