What is Palliative Care? 

Palliative care is the name given to the care received by people who have been given a terminal diagnosis. Receiving the news that a loved one is dying can be exceptionally hard for everyone involved, but palliative care helps them feel calm and comfortable as they continue to receive medical treatment for their illness.

What is the difference between palliative and end of life care?

A person will receive palliative care after having been given a terminal diagnosis. This ensures that the care they receive fulfills their medical needs and they are not in any pain and they retain their dignity as much as possible.

End of life care is a type of palliative care, which is given when someone is approaching the end of their life. It is upsetting and tough to watch a loved one go through something like that, but care helps them be as comfortable as possible during those exceptionally difficult weeks or months.

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Palliative care in a care home

Receiving palliative care in a care home ensures your loved one has access to everything they need so they receive comprehensive medical treatment, pain and symptom management, and support for their mental health. This holistic approach ensures your loved one receives complete care, not just for their body but also for their mind and overall wellbeing.

In a care home, there are many aspects to palliative care, including:

  • Access to 24/7 care
  • Pain and symptom management
  • A focus on quality of life
  • Open and honest communication
  • Emotional support
  • Respect for autonomy
  • Family support, including during bereavement

While care homes provide your loved one with the very best setting in which they can receive palliative care, care is also available in other settings. This includes hospitals and hospices, and in some instances, palliative care can be given at home.

Who is palliative care for?

Palliative care is only needed by those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This can include cancer, advanced dementia, heart failure, neurological conditions and other types of serious illness with a terminal diagnosis.

Care is empathetic and understanding, and carers make sure that your loved one is provided with what they need to reduce pain and anxiety. This helps them be comfortable and calm for as long as possible.

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Our approach to palliative care

When someone is given a terminal diagnosis and they need to receive palliative care, it can be a very difficult time. This includes the person who has received the diagnosis, as well as their friends and family members. This is why our approach to palliative care focuses on making sure that everyone has a voice so they can receive the support they need.

The heartbreaking reality of palliative care means that your loved one will soon reach the end of their life, but that does not mean they stop being the person they are. Our care is personalised so they can do the things that make them happy, socialise with the people they love and continue to enjoy life. This is all while receiving experienced and quality care that makes them comfortable.

At Ashberry Care Homes, we have a team of trained and dedicated staff that includes carers, cleaners, activities coordinator, chefs and more. Each does what they can to care for your loved one so they can enjoy their favourite food, do their favourite things and live in a comfortable and caring environment. That way, you will also have peace of mind that they are receiving the around-the-clock care that they deserve.

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