Benefits of nursing care for your loved ones

Deciding to move your loved one into a care home can be difficult, and you might have feelings of guilt or sadness. This is only natural because your loved one means the world to you, however, many benefits of nursing homes means it is likely the right thing to do.

To help you with your decision to provide your loved one with professional care, we have put together these benefits of living in a nursing home. That way, you can be confident that you are making the right decision for you and your loved one.

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The benefits of nursing care

Below are some of the biggest benefits of nursing care which means your loved one can continue to retain as much of their independence and dignity as possible.

Expert care is available 24/7

If your loved one has a complex medical condition or requires regular professional care, a nursing home has trained and experienced nurses on hand and in-house 24/7. They are there to help with anything your loved one may need and are available to respond in the event of an emergency.

Optimum safety and security

Because trained nurses are available all day, every day, it ensures the safety and security of every resident at all times.

Reliable medication management

Nursing staff can reliably monitor residents to make sure medication is taken in the right doses and at the right time.

Reliable companionship

Nursing homes are home to many like-minded people, from other residents to the dedicated staff. There is always someone available for a chat, play games with or ask for help, which means your loved one never has to feel alone or isolated.

Regular stimulation and activities

Many nursing homes, including ourselves at Ashberry Care Homes, have in-house activity coordinators to run a wide variety of activities, exercises, day trips, visitors, entertainers and more. That means there never has to be a dull day, which keeps residents stimulated, moving and engaged.

Fewer stressors and responsibilities

With fewer responsibilities, nursing home residents can focus on doing more of what they enjoy, whether it is a spot of gardening, a bit of reading, or even some singing and dancing. For some familiarity, residents are more than welcome to help with washing or other light chores if they wish.

Freshly prepared meals and snacks

A team of in-house chefs creates meal plans based on residents’ favourites, ensuring meals are prepared fresh each day. With a focus on nutrition and taste, meal times are never dull. Extra efforts are always made to cater to specific dietary requirements, including allergies, intolerances and dysphagia.

Ample opportunities for comfort and relaxation

In a nursing home, comfort is key. Many of our nursing homes have a variety of places for residents to unwind, such as different lounges, conservatories, sun terraces, libraries, gardens and more.

Respite for you

Caring for a loved one can be emotionally and physically draining. When they are provided with nursing care, it allows you to protect your own wellbeing too.

Peace of mind for you and other relatives

With your loved one receiving fabulous care from a team of experienced staff, you do not need to worry about how they are doing. At Ashberry Care Homes, we update your loved one’s records using a Care Control system, so you know exactly what type of care they are receiving.

How do we cater to your individual needs?

We understand that no two residents are alike. Care that works for one resident, may not work for your loved one. For that reason, why strive to listen to the wants and needs of every single resident, to help them feel comfortable, safe, relaxed and happy.

Personalisation is important in delivering great care, so we allow our staff to have enough time so that they can spend one-on-one sessions with every resident. We respect residents’ right to make their own choices. That way, no one feels like just a number – everyone is listened to, respected and has everything they need. 

Read our guide to moving into a nursing home for advice on how to prepare your loved one ahead of the move.

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